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Yankuang Lunan Fertilizer Plant

Yankuang Lunan Chemical fertilizer plant is located in the southwest of Shandong Province, every day there are 26000 tons of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage discharged into the waters near that of the basin water environment has certain influence.
The construction and implementation of the project, can solve the Yankuang Lunan Chemical fertilizer plant industrial wastewater emissions and relief Yankuang Lunan Chemical fertilizer plant water stress condition, provide adequate protection of water resources for industrial production, realize the enterprises sustainable development; at the same time, it can reduce the amount of groundwater exploitation and ecological environment conducive to the protection of the region.
Project by the East China Science and Engineering Design Institute University of technology design, using a / O Industrial and double film processing technology, design sewage treatment scale for 26000 tons / day, back to the water scale is 20000 tons / day, mainly of Yankuang Lunan Chemical fertilizer plant emissions production wastewater and domestic wastewater for centralized treatment, treated water reached the Shandong Province, South North diversion along the pollution comprehensive discharge standard ", which most of the water back for the production system of circulating cooling water and boiler make-up water. Project environment benefit is very important to improve the regional ecological environment, save water resources and save energy.
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