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Shanghai aspirations Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. R & D center, constantly absorbing the advanced technology of domestic and foreign counterparts, with strong technical strength, research and development of new products, new technology to improve the core competition ability of the company, actively promote new products and new technology in the practical application of engineering surface.

Through the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification and ISO14001-2008 international environment system certification; Providing hundred customers with high-quality water treatment solutions; filed 23 patents, which includes two patents, including 12 patents have been authorized; commitments, including the National Torch Program, the Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund, the NDRC service guide capital, affiliate programs - a number of national problems, including the special tender, Shanghai, Minhang research projects; won the "Shanghai Technical Invention Prize "(technology development and application of environment-friendly paint mist coagulant), the national" high-tech enterprises, "Shanghai" specialist special new enterprise, "" Shanghai market integrity management advanced unit "," Technology Contract Management advanced unit "," corporate credit rating AA grade credit enterprise "and other awards; the value of Chinas environmental industry technology innovation and strategic alliances, vice chairman of the unit, the China Environment Federation executive director of the unit, the China Environmental Protection Industry Association unit, the China Film Industry Association members, members of the Shanghai Federation of Industry, China Association boiler water treatment, East China University of Technology Master of Engineering Practice Base, Shanghai R & D Public Service Platform joined the unit. It has won wide acclaim of many users and social affirmation; and establish a good corporate image. "Aspirations" brand reputation in the industry.

Ahead of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. R & D Center for the development of countries "green environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction, recycling economy, clean production" has made great contributions.
One, enterprise independent intellectual property rights situation:
Company attaches great importance to technology research and development and protection of intellectual property rights, the company has received 2 patents, 11 utility model patents, 10 patent applications and accepted 5 patent and trademark registration certificate. Details are as follows:

1, invention patents
(1) a paint mist processing method for paint spray paint, patent number: ZL200510029091.2
(2) a magnetic core-shell Fenton catalyst and its preparation method and application, patent number: ZL201310293883.5
2, utility model patents
(1) a device, automatic processing of chlor alkali industry wastewater containing mercury patent number: ZL201220182636.9
(2) a device for automatic disposal of waste water from a catalyst for treatment of the waste gas, the patent number: ZL201220216672.2
(3) a kind of automatic dosing equipment, cooling water patent number: ZL201220268181.2
(4) a reclaimed water treatment plant, patent number: ZL201220268283.1
(5) a 18M - cm - - water - producing device for producing a water resistivity, the patent number: ZL201220286075.7
(6) a device that automatically processes the waste water of the two methyl group, the patent number: ZL201220286052.6
(7) a device for removing copper ions from a chemical plating wastewater, patent number: ZL201220544148.8
(8) a device for removing the FENTON reagent reactor containing phenol wastewater, patent number: ZL201320414137.2
(9) a device for treating the waste water of a chitin, patent number: ZL201420141238.1
(10) ozone / activated carbon catalytic oxidation adsorption of pesticide wastewater chroma of the device, patent number: 201420402154.9
(11) a device for automatic processing of organic pigment industry wastewater, application number: 201420516969.X
3, the application and acceptance of invention patents
(1) a treatment method of organic pigment wastewater, patent number: 201110085691.6
(2) a treatment method for the treatment of chitin wastewater, patent number: 201110085683.1
(3) a method for removal of copper ions from a chemical plating process, application number: 201210141581.1
(4) a cleaning agent for use in the EDI module, application number: 201210239930.3
(5) a treatment method for the use of a gray water reuse, application number: 201210320039.2
(6) a method for removal of lead ions from sewage, application number: 201210339431.1
(7) a lead-acid battery industry wastewater treatment and reuse method, application number: 201210429303.6
(8) a method for removal of nickel ions from electroplating wastewater, application number: 201210555251.7
(9) a treatment method for removing mercury containing wastewater by using metal: 201210528924.X
(10) a method of treating pesticide wastewater, application number: 201310045939.5
4, trademark registration certificate
(1) "winner" trademark, approved the use of goods (first), No. 4584398th
(2) "winner" trademark, approved services (fortieth), No. 4584399th
(3) "aspirations" of domestic trademark, approved the use of goods (first), No. 11246211st
(4) "aspirations" of domestic trademark, approved services (fortieth), No. 11247839th
(5) "WINNER" domestic trademarks, approved service items (fortieth categories), 11248280th
Two, winning situation
1, won the Shanghai science and Technology Award - three, and other projects, project name: environmental protection type paint spray paint technology research and development and application, certificate number: 20133041-3-D01
2, general manager Zhang Jianpeng received 2014 "innovation Minhang action year" Minhang "ten major innovation leader" title. R & D department Zhong Liyun won the innovation Minhang talent award"
3, "the national environmental value-added scientific and technological work of advanced units" title.
Three, bear the national, local research projects:
1, bear the 2014 National Torch Program industrialization demonstration projects, project name: lead acid wastewater treatment system, project number: 2014GH061352, is in the process of implementation.
2, bear the 2012 National Science and technology SMEs Technology Innovation Fund projects, project name: organic pigment wastewater treatment technology research and development, project number: 12C26213101822, has been successfully implemented, is now in the process of application for acceptance.
3, bear the 2007 Shanghai science and technology innovation fund projects, project name: high efficiency water saving type paint mist coagulant, project number: 0705H1150, has been successfully implemented and accepted.
4, to undertake the project funds 2013 in Shanghais service industry development guidance, project name: aspirations to industrial wastewater treatment and reuse platform, now in the implementation process.
5, Shanghai City, high-tech achievements into the project identified a class project, the project name: paint spray paint, project number: 20050403.

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