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       Ahead of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, after ten years of unremitting efforts, business has been covered by recycle and disposal of waste water, brine processing, ecological restoration of rivers, groundwater pollution control and remediation, industrial circulating water treatment, pure water and ultra pure water purification field involving petroleum and chemical industry, metal smelting, electronic plating, lead-acid batteries, electric power, photovoltaic energy, biological medicine, pesticide, food and beverage, textile printing and dyeing, municipal utilities and other multiple industries. To provide customers with EPC turnkey projects, sewage treatment facilities, operations management and other professional services, and actively respond to the current situation under the governments call to promote the PPP cooperation model.
       Innovation: the national "high technology enterprise", the Shanghai "specialization, the new enterprise", "Shanghai technology invention third class award", 23 water related patents, several times to assume the guiding fund of national torch plan, the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund, national development and Reform Commission services and university industry cooperation, national ministries, Shanghai scientific research projects;
        Standard: 9001:2008 ISO international quality management system certification; ISO14001:2004 international environmental management system certification;
        Integrity: "Shanghai market integrity management advanced unit", Shanghai city "technology            contract management advanced unit", "enterprise credit evaluation AA grade credit enterprise";
        Social responsibility : East China University of Science and Technology project master internship base, Shanghai R & D public service platform to join units;
        Industry organization: China Environmental Protection Industry Association member units, unit of China Environmental value-added industry technology innovation strategic alliance, vice chairman, Chinese Film Industry Association member, Chinas boiler water treatment association, China Association of chemical water processing professional committee member.
        Business philosophy: "innovation, management, performance, and win-win". Abide by the "save customer cost, ensure that customer will focus its resources on the core business of the company" commitment, for customers to provide integrated water treatment solutions, enabling customers to be affected by the social respect of enterprise.

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